Friday, August 22, 2014

Valkyrie succeeds. Two Rothschilds perish in an afternoon. The backlash begins.

"Tomorrow morning, gentlemen, we blaze and level the rebellious Goy stronghold of North Shropshire with my personal RAF and annihilate every living thing in it," began Rothschild Snr. "Here on the historic ground on which we now stand, our faithful and fellow sodomite Churchill ordered the similar destruction of Dresden in February 1945 and its half million men, women and children. I am ecstatic that we can repeat this carnage of the Goy once again in Europe after that in Gaza and be spoken of in the history of Zionism and Talmudic Judaism with both honour and pride." 

Rothschild Snr stopped for a moment and took out a cigarette. A dozen lighters snapped out smartly. Downing Street seemed to tremble slightly at his words. The glass of the chandeliers tinkled. Rothschild, smiling and well satisfied, looked around at Rothschild Jnr and their minions. 

"Gentlemen, I almost dare to say that it would be a fine thing to meet one's fate on this historic earth. We have..." 

His words were drowned in the roar of an explosion emanating from beneath the Cabinet table. With a deafening crash, half of the ceilng fell in. Cameron and Clegg 'bent over' the mortally wounded Rothschild Snr and then together, carried him to a sofa. A Cabinet table splinter had torn open his back and the duty quack could do nothing to save him. 

"Gentlemen, my father and your father probably [NB Rothschild Crime Family sire many, many secret children out of wedlock] is dead," said Rothschild Jnr quietly. "Let us take leave of him in a proper manner [seeing] as Satan has ordered his discharge." All stood with their heads bowed looking sorrowfully at the floor. It was expected of them.

"As Rothschild Jnr, I mean Rothschild Snr silly me, I must now take over NWO operations and bid you au revoir". He had difficulty in concealing enormous delight at his father's death. "Gentlemen, I would just like to say that I would be proud to fall within the hour for Zionism and Talmudic Judaism". The farewells were solemn. Their leader had fallen and the occasion demanded the employment of tact. Rent boys and the BBC weren't mentioned. 

The now new Rothschild Snr was driven from Downing Street in his father's bullet proof glass, armour plated car weighing in at five metric tonnes. He leaned back comfortably and felt he deserved some refreshment. He poured himself a large cognac from the generous mini bar. Poor father, he thought. He never got to lead the New World Order lording it over a 93% de-populated Agenda 21 enslaved world. 

In the same instant, a terrible explosion from within blew the car into a thousand flying pieces. Rothschild and his chauffeur were blown high into the air, the ever loyal chauffeur remaining at the wheel as if he was still dutifully steering it. They both fall screaming from the sky, their arms and legs splaying outwards to splash to an unrecognisable bloody gruel on the ground. 

Tappers are soon to become the convenient prime suspects and the extremists(sic) at Brooklands Farm will have confessions beaten out of them if necessary to to prove their guilt.


The big question for each of us is 'do we want to continue as slaves, or awaken?'

Please go to and click on Sherry Wilde - The Forgotten Promise.  I've embedded it three times successfully.  Yet moments later the video disappears each time I do it.

The controllers of the planet are throwing distractions at us - wars, TV, hypnosis of one kind or another, money-making, fear-based thinking.  Let it go. What's important is the awakening of your soul.  Every soul has a purpose.  Each person must decide - what is my purpose?  Am I able to evolve and become enlightened.  Your heart will lead you to the truth.

She believes she was abducted, and thought of herself a victim. Later she realised she chose that experience and she wasn't a victim.  The body is just a projection of the mind.  Interesting analysis.  It's an illusory world.  It's fun.  Raise your vibration as high as you possibly can.  Live through your heart.  

Find the stillness within you.  Connect to source.  Ask for help.  Surrender your will.  Yield to another way of thinking, not fearful, but being aware of your invulnerability.  You don't need defensiveness, or guilt.  Align your will with the creator's will.  If you resist, life will wear you down until you do find the way to drop the fear and the defensiveness.  Then trust in whatever happens to you each day.  It is always for your highest and your best.  You're coming home.

Drop judgements, anger, fear, stress.  You can then experience love, fulfilment, joy.  Your health will improve.  Lots more detail in the video.  We create our own reality through our thoughts and vibration.  If enough people awaken and raise their vibration, the destruction of the earth as previously destined, will not happen.  As the leaders raise their vibrational level, others will be drawn up to follow them.

Sherry Wilde.  The Forgotten Promise.

Language expert discovers sasquatch speaks a complex language

Is there some connection between UFOs and sasquatch? Investigators have seen the two phenomena occurring in the same location.

The natives always called them a tribe of wild human beings.  Intelligent and closely related to us.

Underwater UFO sightings are as common as land based sightings

George Osborne, the Chancellor, making a killing

The 'cool chick' hair stylist mum of two Chloe George. She's new to me TAP.
Boy, she uses the 'rudest' word in the English language and she's laying into Harman, Hewitt...
While working, I just heard her say during:

Dear George Osborne (Chancellor) 

4mins in

Osbourne & Brown soft furnishings
'Gideon' owns half the company.
Mr. Brown is chairman of one of the companies fracking Britain... did you know this?

TAP - while I don't doubt there are reasons to suspect self-interest on the part of senior politicians, as with Cameron's father-in-law picking up million pound grants for wind farms, I wonder if the Mr Brown in Osborne's family business is really the same as Lord Brown, formerly Chairman of BP.

Ian Crane points out that Lord Brown set up the modern BP by acquiring assets all over the world, and that his team was in control at the time of the highly suspect event Deepwater Horizon.  Brown was subsequently appointed by Cameron to take control of fracking across Britain.  The common theme running between Deepwater Horizon and fracking is nothing less than they are both deliberately engineered depopulation events.  

Ian Crane's video Fracktured Future tells the Lord Brown story very well, whereby Brown became Owen Paterson's controller at Defra, when Paterson was pushing the fracking agenda, along with other depopulation devices such as GMOs and neonicotinoids.

The ultra wealthy who own everything have little interest in making yet more money.  Their agenda is to depopulate the planet and control the remaining human population in cities, whereby their power and position can never be challenged or lost.   WW3 beckons.  This and their other agendas are all targeted on removing human freedoms, and placing those of us who remain into the position of slaves.  They are so confident that their plans will be put into practice that they don't really care about the details becoming known any more.  How will anyone stop them?  We have to work as one in huge numbers to reverse their killing fields back into growing fields.     

Osborne might be making a killing on the quiet, as Chloe thinks.   Or are he and his colleagues actually making a killing in the more literal sense of the word?  I believe so.

Cameron's cabinet disintegrates over herd of cows

In Downing Street, Rothschild raged for the third hour without pause. "Cretins, bunglers, imbeciles," he howled, at his subservient puppets sitting in terrified silence around the heavy oak Cabinet table.

'Toff at the Top' Cameron fiddled with a pencil while 'Calamity' Clegg watched a fly crawling around on the GB Fracking War Map. It edged its way between the coloured pins and flags before stopping on a large red spot: Brooklands Farm
Foreign Secretary Hammond leafed through papers concerning the disappointing Palestinian body count in Gaza, especially those of women and children. Home Secretary May sketched new ideas to demonise Indigenous Whites. Leader of the House of Perverts Hague noted energetically the confusion of orders flowing from Rothschild.

"All-round Faggot and Wrecking-Ball Chancellor Osborne is to be dismissed!" he roared. "Secretary of State for ill-Health Hunt is a super-cunt and criminal dillitante who must go too!"

"Very good..." mumbled complete and utter twat IDS (Works and Pensions) making a note in a pocket diary.

"Have I not ordered you lot to hold on and to fight fanatically to the bitter end?" screamed Rothschild. "And what happens? No sooner do these pesky Alternative Media Tea/Tap wallahs continue to fire off the inconvenient truth, than you cower like frightened hares! I blush for the Jewish people! If I did not feel myself called to lead them, I would Holohoax them and mankind again!" 

Brooklands Farm, Dudleston, Shropshire North,  Anti-fracking camp.

Rothschild kicked viciously at a chair sending it flying across the ankles of the Chief Whip, who could not restrain a half-smothered exclamation of pain. Rothschild sent Gove a deadly look. "Blair is to be removed from all offices and orifices and I forbid him ever again to show himself naked!"

"#Congratulations to Cliff# who has informed me that we have lost one million and one hundred thousand previously brainwashed Goyim to the Truth Movement. Catastrophe I hear? No, a weeding out!" Ruthlessly, Rothschild raged on, demanding the heads of others in payment for his and others reckless NWO enslaving plans for mankind.

Cameron came close to losing his life when he suggested that Tap and others may just have a point and that fracking of Brooklands Farm in particular and UK in general may not be such a good idea after all. For fully five minutes Rothschild stood like a stone statue staring at Cameron. Then he exploded into a long wailing scream and threw a bundle of fracking(sic) documents at Cameron's head.

"Do you dare to infer that the House of Rothschild Crime Family is inferior to that North Shropshire Tap Outfit? Cameron, never show yourself before me again! You have insulted Talmudic Judaism!"

Unreformed cow killer.  Sacked Rothschild sycophant.
North Shropshire's MP for now, Owen something or other.

Piece sent in as a comment to The Tap anonymously.  Enjoyed it.  Thanks.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cool chick goes viral doing conspiracy. Mark Windows interviews Cloe George.

A sample of one of her videos below.  She's happier now she knows the system is fake.  Under less pressure and more empowered.  It makes her jaw drop that people still don't realise the system is rigged.  We are slaves to them.

At 20 minutes good stuff about the Swiss Templars from Sean Hross.  The Swiss Cross is the Templar's Cross.  Switzerland was founded by the Templars.  The Templars founded the Freemasons. They were the aristocracy of the Old World Order.  The world was ruled by primogeniture.  The oldest son got everything.  The second and third sons wanted the privileges too so founded organisations to get even with the king/eldest son.  The Old World Order didn't want to yield power to The New World Order.  Sean was given death threats if he kept talking about the Templars.  I need to listen to that again.

Switzerland has instigated and controlled much of our known history.  He hasn't been able to leave home for three years, facing the death threats of the Swiss Police.  He has videos on Youtube?  The world is going down the drain.  We have to do something.  Sean was a military man and wants people to contact him who can help achieve change.  Interesting idea about the word aristocracy deriving from a= pregnant ri=sun.  Same as the word Aryan.  The aristocracy have the Pharaonic genetics, passed through rape of our women, from droit de seigneur.  

The Police protect the lies, the pedophiles.  Alex Jones doesn't talk about Switzerland.  Yet it is the base of all evil.  The NGOs.  The WTO.  The Red Cross.  The Bank of International Settlements - the BIS, also known as Hitler's Bank, founded just months after the Wall Street Crash in Sept 29th 1929.  Savings of honest Americans were stolen, and were transferred to the BIS, used to finance the NAZI war industry, creating the Hitler miracle.  President Hoover (Huber in Swiss) was a Swiss sleeper agent.  Dwight Eisenhower.  Edgar Hoover of the FBI another.  Even Obama has Swiss ancestry.  Gen Custer was of Swiss decent.  Albert Pike's captain was Phileas Valder (Swiss descent).  Hitler never attacked Switzerland.  Europe was pillaged and all the loot was taken to Switzerland.
Why were the NAZIs so interested in The Templars?
The NAZIs are the Templars.

Hitler's medical minister was Swiss - General Konti? - executed in 1945/6, known as the Swiss Sadist.  Murdered half a million people, used people as guinea pigs.  The Swiss are the allemanic tribe, which was the first to cooperate with the Roman Empire. Dr Mengele was allemanic.  

1618-1648 the 30 years war killed two thirds of the German population of 20 million, mostly starved to death.  Swiss mercenaries killed, raped all over Europe.  They cleared out the population of the Rhinelands and settled their own people there.  In Alsace they speak Allemanic, like Switzerland.  After the war, Mengele who murdered 400,000 Jewish people, tortured children, was offered total protection by Switzerland.   He was the head doctor of gypsy affairs.  He sterilised tens of thousands of gipsy children at Auschwitz.  He was called The Angel Of Death.  His son went to a Swiss boarding school.

They have Pharoanic symbols.  Mengele was Swiss.  The mercenaries were paid by Catholic gold, much from South America.  The Dutch sank the Spanish ships and stopped the supply of gold which financed the 30 years war, saving the Germans.  The 30 Years War was a genocide on the Germans.

In 1648 the King of Holland took over the Swiss mercenaries, and used them to found South Africa.  150,000 Swiss mercenaries worked in the Dutch Army, and their language is still spoken in South Africa.  Another Swiss idea was also the burning of witches - basically women.

Christine England talks about the dangers of vaccination, how her child was damaged and how she was accused of mistreating her child to cover up the damage done. 

Excellent stuff from the Gaza demonstration.  Calling for an arms embargo on Israel.  End the military occupation of Palestinian lands, and the siege of Gaza.  

Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL - false flag fake

Just today, I was alerted to a new video, that comes through the LiveLeak site, and supposedly shows the beheading of Journalist James Wright Foley…. This video has been the showpiece of our governments over the last few days and is being used by them as a propaganda weapon to infuriate their citizens, and will definitely be used to justify a likely escalation of American involvement again in Iraq.  I suspect that it will also be used as a tool for the long planned US attack on Syria, just as another excuse to go after this phoney "IS" group. 

I watched this infamous "beheading" video, and I found it so ridiculous and obviously a very poor piece of propaganda….I am troubled that others cannot see just how phoney this complete piece of crap truly is!

I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves… It is so ridiculous and I do want everyone to see it and then read my comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  There are so many things wrong with this "beheading" that I figure I would give some details here:

(1) The  knife being used by the so called "IS" terrorist is ridiculous and could not possibly even cut through a person's neck… Notice how the "terrorist" is making rapid back and forth motions against the neck with no actual cutting?   The knife definitely appears to be plastic.

(2) Where is the anguish by the "victim" as the terrorist starts cutting?  Some may say that Foley may have been heavily drugged or has suffered from massive amounts of torture.  But all indications from his own "speech" shows clarity and therefore not the telltale signs of a man who has endured torture…No fatigue, slurring, stuttering, or slowness of speech….. Therefore he should be screaming if it was  a real knife hitting and cutting into his neck.

(3) The "IS" "terrorist" is absolutely ridiculous and speaks with an almost perfect British accent.  How is that possible? (I suspect a perfect English speaking Mossad operative)

(4) The initial cutting by the laughable knife… No blood spurting out anywhere which would be shooting out all over both the "terrorist" and the victim himself..

(5) The cutaway of the video showing the "head" on top of the body in the final segment… The body and the head do not even appear to be human but are most probably parts of those dummies used for CPR training.

(6) The blood on the ground.. Why is there only blood above the neck line and on the orange uniform?  Considering an average human body contains some 5-6 pints of blood, the desert area around the "body" should have large amounts of blood as well….There should be blood everywhere. 


The Beheading Of Journalist James Wright Foley Is A Ridiculous HOAX! 

James Foley: [British Stasi] Police Warn Watching Beheading Video Is A 'Terrorist Offence' 

(Looks like the British law 'enforcers' have now elevated themselves to the judiciary and legislature)Stupid rashers of bacon.

TAP - terrorist offence?  It's just a bit more theatre from central casting.  Spivey'll be onto them soon enough!

How WW3 is planned to happen, and by whom?  Detailed explanation.

The one thing that the Americans have in their favour, is the vast number of privately owned weapons. WASP.

Hi Tap, everything I have told you, w/r/t, the Jesuits is correct.
Phelps is totally correct, but you will never get the BDM, to appreciate that fact. There is far more to it than stated, as you would expect, where the S.J. are concerned.

I will elucidate when time at a later date, which will make it clearer for those who wish to accept the truth.

IRVING is a Coadjutor, as are many of the others the BDM believe,
Phelps doesn't fill in some of the missing bits, unfortunately.

I have read a few of the articles, but haven't had a great deal of time for Blogging. 

I have noticed that there is a distinct absence of BDM,over the past few months, they only appear to crawl out from under their slimy rocks, when I Post Stuff- That should tell you something.

The one thing that the Americans have in their favour, is the vast number of privately owned weapons.

The reason the Reich never invaded Switzerland, was as I stated several years ago " The Top Nazis knew that, the officers accompanying the invasion forces would be targeted, due to the large number of Fire Arms the Swiss Possessed.

They were told, that they would enter but never leave, alive.

REGARDS ........... WASP

Attacks on Ian Crane's credibility should be taken with a pinch of salt

John Bull said...
Sorry to burst your bubble but Ian R Crane is a disso deliberately causing trouble amongst genuine fracking protestors along with all his buddies at UK 5th Column.

So here is a bunch you can definitely add to your list of controlled opposition muppets.

Blogger Tapestry said...
I wouldn't be sure that Ian Crane is other than what he claims to be. The website attacking him is very weak with nothing but waffle. The Crawberry Hill castle was lost when campers went shopping, and someone put a call out to the Police to move in while the numbers were down. The controllers of sites say it is usually better to have ten people who you know for sure are on your side than a hundred that you are not sure about. The way they attack Ian Crane in the video and stop him replying by chanting over his speaking so you can't hear his reply tells you what kind of people they are. He's trying to hold up a Police van while they're attacking him. What are they doing?

Given the punch he is having in the anti-fracking movement he is bound to come under attack, and have many attempts made to discredit him. This one does not convince.

Blogger Tapestry said...
That said fracking is clearly in play politically, and the opposition to it could well have elements within it that are put in place to stir up trouble - agents provocateurs.

Blogger Tapestry said...
The man behind the attack on Ian Crane in the video is a gentleman called Blackman, who Ian Crane says was responsible for Raithlin getting control back of the Newton site. Ian Crane says he will make a substantive reply at some point giving the full details of the events that took place.  (I called him just now)

The problem at Crawberry Hill was that the road was cut off by the authorities depriving the camp of 'passing trade'. That said the battle is not yet lost even though the castle has been dismantled and removed.

Blackman put a ludicrous post on beforeitsnews on 26th June saying he was the equivalent of a Snowden in the fracking movement revealing fifth column etc. You will soon get the measure of this person if you read his output (he claims it as his output anyway). Ian Crane wins this hands-down in my opinion.  Let his work speak for itself.   Those that know him speak highly of him.  So do I.

US government. The fish rots from the head.

By Paul Craig Roberts
August 20, 2014 "ICH" - Habersham County, Georgia, the jurisdiction that allowed intentionally or through negligence a SWAT team to break into a home with violent force in the middle of the night and throw a stun grenade into a baby’s face sending him to a hospital for weeks where he was in life support, has ruled that it would be illegal for the county to pay the baby’s medical bills.

The negligence of the police, and thereby the county, is a triple dose. It was the wrong house. A SWAT team was unnecessary in order to exercise a search warrant for a drug suspect. There was no excuse for throwing a stun grenade into a baby’s crib.

But the county attorney has ruled that the county is not liable for these massive incidences of unbridled negligence.

However, the unjustifiable SWAT team assault on the family in the home was legal.

As the saying goes, “a fish rots from the head.” The rot in government accountability that began in Washington has now reached the local level.

Immunizations proved to cause autism. Evidence hidden by head of CDC. PLUS - Is your water filter actually working?

We've got huge breaking news today. First, the CDC has been caught red handed committing scientific fraud to cover up the truth about immunizations causing autism in African-Americans.
This is Tuskegee all over again, and it went all the way to the head of the CDC:

As promised, the countertop water filter test results are now published. The brands we tested are Zero Water, Pur, Brita, Seychelle, Culligan, Mavea, and Waterman Portable Alkaline Water Purifier. Check out the results here:

Anonymous said...
Hi Tap, this is the actual link to the results:

Media roundup from NPP

I do not wish harm or disability upon anyone, but putting any pre conceived ideas to one side, I hear this BBC 'correspondent' regularly on my radio. (Frank?) Gardener's reporting is slanted, bias and portrays yet another example of appalling so called journalism.  He is a fear monger and drama queen.

I just heard him again on BBCR4 Today. He is a BBC presstitute and I'm am sorely tired of hearing this endless pretence to quality journalism on the nation's public taxpayer funded broadcasting service.

Just in the last 20 mins or so the BBC remind us of Assad using sarin gas on a 1000+ civilians, that it could not have been the rebels. Oh yeah? Where's the evidence? It's just another bollocks declaration without substance by this bunch of twerps. Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente for example, suggests otherwise.

Let's face it, Obomba can drone civilians without trial or jury month in month out, yet one staged execution and the presstitute media stand in line behind the official arsehole party line. You know it will be used as another example to control online content.

To access TAP blog, UK Column, David Icke, Alex Jones, Alfred Webre, Red Ice Radio.. the list grows all the time.... is so refreshing and even uplifting at times despite the doom and gloom. Disinformation controlled opposition? Who can tell which outlets are sincere, but I am sadly sure how awful the BBC is.

Last night TAP the BBC had a fracking debate. The anti-fracking arguement was presented by Co2 cultist George Monbiot. Jesus H Christ... how about inviting a real anti-fracking voice e.g. Ian R. Crane to a BBC platform?! Hey George, check out Anthropogenic global warming? Not according to Dr. Easterbrook: 

And hey BBC, how the child abuse issue? A bit close to home eh!?

I heard UK Column's Brian Gerish's recorded phone call to BBCR4 producer the other night re investigating child abuse. The silly biddy at the BBC was pathetic and Brian recorded the whole conversation. At 1 PM, as the BBC roll out their News At One, I will be painting along to the UK Column's daily 1PM news slot. That says it all: a few members of the public creating their own news outlet on bugger all budget yet I prefer them to the BBC.