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Guilt By Insinuation — Paul Craig Roberts

July 21, 2014 |

How American propaganda works.
Paul Craig Roberts
Why hasn’t Washington joined Russian President Putin in calling for an objective, non-politicized international investigation by experts of the case of the Malaysian jetliner?
The Russian government continues to release facts, including satellite photos showing the presence of Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missiles in locations from which the airliner could have been brought down by the missile system and documentation that a Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet rapidly approached the Malaysian airliner prior to its downing. The head of the Operations Directorate of Russian military headquarters said at a Moscow press conference today (July 21) that the presence of the Ukrainian military jet is confirmed by the Rostov monitoring center.
The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that at the moment of destruction of MH-17 an American satellite was flying over the area. The Russian government urges Washington to make available the photos and data captured by the satellite.
President Putin has repeatedly stressed that the investigation of MH-17 requires “a fully representative group of experts to be working at the site under the guidance of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).” Putin’s call for an independent expert examination by ICAO does not sound like a person with anything to hide.
Turning to Washington Putin stated: “In the meantime, no one [not even the “exceptional nation”] has the right to use this tragedy to achieve their narrowly selfish political goals.”
Putin reminded Washington: “We repeatedly called upon all conflicting sides to stop the bloodshed immediately and to sit down at the negotiating table. I can say with confidence that if military operations were not resumed [by Kiev] on June 28 in eastern Ukraine, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened.”
What is the American response?
Lies and insinuations.
Yesterday (July 20) the US Secretary of State, John Kerry confirmed that pro-Russian separatists were involved in the downing of the Malaysian airliner and said that it was “pretty clear” that Russia was involved. Here are Kerry’s words: “It’s pretty clear that this is a system that was transferred from Russia into the hands of separatists. We know with confidence, with confidence, that the Ukrainians did not have such a system anywhere near the vicinity at that point and time, so it obviously points a very clear finger at the separatists.”
Kerry’s statement is just another of the endless lies told by US secretaries of state in the 21st century. Who can forget Colin Powell’s package of lies delivered to the UN about Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction” or Kerry’s lie repeated endlessly that Assad “used chemical weapons against his own people” or the endless lies about “Iranian nukes”?
Remember that Kerry on a number of occasions stated that the US had proof that Assad crossed the “red line” by using chemical weapons. However, Kerry was never able to back up his statements with evidence. The US had no evidence to give the British prime minister whose effort to have Parliament approve Britain’s participation with Washington in a military attack on Syria was voted down. Parliament told the prime minister, “no evidence, no war.”
Again here is Kerry declaring “confidence” in statements that are directly contradicted by the Russian satellite photos and endless eye witnesses on the ground.
Why doesn’t Washington release its photos from its satellite?
The answer is for the same reason that Washington will not release all the videos it confiscated and that it claims prove that a hijacked 9/11 airliner hit the Pentagon. The videos do not support Washington’s claim, and the US satellite photos do not support Kerry’s claim.
The UN weapons inspectors on the ground in Iraq reported that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. However, the fact did not support Washington’s propaganda and was ignored. Washington started a highly destructive war based on nothing but Washington’s intentional lie.
The International Atomic Energy Commission’s inspectors on the ground in Iran and all 16 US intelligence agencies reported that Iran had no nuclear weapons program. However, the fact was inconsistent with Washington’s agenda and was ignored by both the US government and the presstitute media.
We are witnessing the same thing right now with the assertions in the absence of evidence that Russia is responsible for the downing of the Malaysian airliner.
Not every member of the US government is as reckless as Kerry and John McCain. In place of direct lies, many US officials use insinuations.
US Senator Diane Feinstein is the perfect example. Interviewed on the presstitute TV station CNN, Feinstein said: “The issue is where is Putin? I would say, ‘Putin, you have to man up. You should talk to the world. You should say, if this is a mistake, which I hope it was, say it.’”
Putin has been talking to the world nonstop calling for an expert non-politicized investigation, and Feinstein is asking Putin why he is hiding behind silence. We know you did it, Feinstein insinuates, so just tell us whether you meant to or whether it was an accident.
The way the entire Western news cycle was orchestrated with blame instantly being placed on Russia long in advance of real information suggests that the downing of the airliner was a Washington operation. It is, of course, possible that the well-trained presstitute media needed no orchestration from Washington in order to lay the blame on Russia. On the other hand, some of the news performances seem too scripted not to have been prepared in advance.
We also have the advanced preparation of the youtube video that purports to show a Russian general and Ukrainian separatists discussing having mistakenly downed a civilian airliner. As I pointed out earlier, this video is twice damned. It was ready in advance and by implicating the Russian military, it overlooked that the Russian military can tell the difference between a civilian airliner and a military airplane. The existence of the video itself implies that there was a plot to down the airliner and blame Russia.
I have seen reports that the Russian anti-aircraft missile system, as a safety device, is capable of contacting aircraft transponders in order to verify the type of aircraft. If the reports are correct and if the transponders from MH-17 are found, they might record the contact.
I have seen reports that Ukrainian air control changed the route of MH-17 and directed it to fly over the conflict area. The transponders should also indicate whether this is correct. If so, there clearly is at least circumstantial evidence that this was an intentional act on the part of Kiev, an act which would have required Washington’s blessing.
There are other reports that there is a divergence between the Ukrainian military and the unofficial militias formed by the right-wing Ukrainian extremists who apparently were the first to attack the separatists. It is possible that Washington used the extremists to plot the airliner’s destruction in order to blame Russia and use the accusations to pressure the EU to go along with Washington’s unilateral sanctions against Russia. We do know that Washington is desperate to break up the growing economic and political ties between Russia and Europe.
If it was a plot to down an airliner, any safety device on the missile system could have been turned off so as to give no warning or leave any telltale sign. That could be the reason a Ukrainian fighter was sent to inspect the airliner. Possibly the real target was Putin’s airliner and incompetence in implementing the plot resulted in the destruction of a civilian airliner.
As there are a number of possible explanations, let’s keep open minds and resist Washington’s propaganda until facts and evidence are in. In the very least Washington is guilty of using the incident to blame Russia in advance of the evidence. 

All Washington has shown us so far are accusations and insinuations. If that is all Washington continues to show us, we will know where the blame resides.
In the meantime, remember the story of the boy who cried “wolf!” He lied so many times that when the wolf did come, no one believed him. Will this be Washington’s ultimate fate?
Instead of declaring war on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, and Syria, why did Washington hide behind lies? If Washington wants war with Iran, Russia, and China, why not simply declare war? The reason that the US Constitution requires war to begin with a declaration of war by Congress is to prevent the executive branch from orchestrating wars in order to further hidden agendas. By abdicating its constitutional responsibility, the US Congress is complicit in the executive branch’s war crimes. By approving Israel’s premeditated murder of Palestinians, the US government is complicit in Israel’s war crimes.
Ask yourself this question: Would the world be a safer place with less death, destruction and displaced peoples and more truth and justice if the United States and Israel did not exist?

Malaysia Air flight 'crashed' in Ukraine was MH-370. Pictures.

Photo taken at the crash site is evidence that aircraft designated as Flight MH-17 was not involved in the missile shoot-down.

The window configuration in the crash site does not match the Boeing-777-200 aircraft reported to be flying as MH-17 (9M-MRD). Instead the starboard fuselage section in the photograph more closely matches Flight MH-370 – the aircraft that is now known to be hijacked without a trace – until, perhaps now.

Note by Glenn:
Here’s the two critical photos again.  The first photo shows the trailing edge of the flag (the side with red and white stripes) lining up with a metal plate over a window on a piece of wreckage from the shot down plane in Ukraine.  Now look at the pictures below.  The position of the flag is wrong for MH-17 but a perfect match for MH-370!  On MH-370 the trailing edge of the flag is directly over the metal plate over the window!  Get the word out – this is CRITICAL information that must be shared to stop WW3!

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From The Veritopian -

Netherlands: grieving for loved ones lost in MH17 | Channel 4 News

Interview starts at about 2 mins. Dad can't stop smiling!
None of them appear bereaved at all. Not a trace of sadness. None. WTF...

Dad says: "so many people have lost their children, and now it's our turn" (Big Smile), I expected him to then say "It's wonderful to be called to serve Lucifer!"... 

Gaza - Hell On Earth. All supported by David Cameron.

Please use above form to contact UN to demand urgent action on the Genocide of Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel using US-supplied CW against Gazans: Analyst
Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:24AM GMT
A political commentator says Israel is using US-supplied chemical weapons to target Palestinians in Gaza amid the regime’s deadly offensive against the blockaded territory, Press TV reports.

In an interview with Press TV on Sunday, Gordon Duff, a senior editor at Veterans Today, said Washington’s supplying of chemical weapons to the Tel Aviv regime “is one of the shames of the American relationship with Israel.”
The analyst added that the US has given “an infinite number of chemical weapons” to Israel, stressing that the regime has “burnt many Palestinian children” using US-supplied “white phosphorous bombs.”

Washington “is underwriting and paying for all of this and this is clearly a violation of any number of provisions within the Geneva Conventions and the United States should very well be held accountable,” added Duff.

Israeli warplanes began pounding the impoverished Gaza Strip on July 8. The Israeli military also launched a ground offensive against the blockaded coastal sliver on July 17.
New reports say the Tel Aviv regime’s latest indiscriminate attacks against Gaza have so far killed nearly 500 people, with a large number of the fatalities being women and children. More than 3,000 people have also been injured in the assaults.

On July 18, Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Health Ministry in Gaza, said Tel Aviv is using a “strange toxic gas” against Palestinians in the coastal enclave, adding that dozens suffered from suffocation after inhaling a white poisonous gas fired by the Israeli military.

In an interview with Press TV on July 13, Erik Fosse, a Norwegian doctor in Gaza, also criticized Israel for using cancer-inducing bombs against Palestinian civilians.

New Massacre Right Now, ‘Almost Half Gaza City Covered With White Phosphorus Gas’


Tuesday, July 22, 2014 17:39

Multiple reports and witnesses in Gaza have confirmed that almost half of Gaza city is now covered with white phosphorus gas, according to tweets late Tuesday afternoon, yet unconfirmed, as bombs are exploding, people screaming and crying in multiple airstrikes that hit less than an hour ago, around 7:15 PM EST Tuesday.

It had been confirmed that planes dropped phosphorus gas Sunday and have been using other illegal weapons in the massacre of the people of Gaza, premeditated murder of thousands of people, mostly women and children according to Doctors Without Borders.

Israeli occupation forces are using lethal and internationally banned weapons in their aggression against Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, experts and witnesses said this morning.

Israeli warplanes had also fired white phosphorus munition Sunday in the eastern Gaza Strip.

One tweet about half of Gaza City now covered with white phosphorous gas as of Tuesday afternoon:

“White phosphorus burns fiercely and can set cloth, fuel, ammunition and other materials on fire, and cause serious burns or death. It was heavily used by Israel during its savage war on Gaza in 2008/2009, and caused many severe casualties,” reports the Middle East Monitor.

Palestinians and reporters who visited the scene are reporting scenes of total devastation.

From Gaza, Issam Sammour @IssamSammour tweeted  6:30 EST, “Isreali Navy shooting at Palestinian homes W of #Gaza #Gazaudnerattack

Mohammed Suliman for the Middles East Monitor reports Tuesday:

“‘A massacre, a massacre!’ were the words my brother, who works as a doctor at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital, said as he yelled over the phone urging me to come to Gaza’s main hospital immediately. “Come witness the massacre,” he said.

“At first light, as I readied myself to go to the hospital, I heard knocks on my door. Three young men in tattered, seemingly burned clothes stood there. They asked me if I knew of any flats in the area they could rent. They were survivors of the yet unfinished massacre.

“’We’ve just fled from Shujayeh, there’s a massacre there,’ they told me before they walked away.”

Other witnesses said Israeli occupation used flechette bombs Saturday in Shujaya neighbourhood, killing 100 civilians in the bloodiest day Gaza has witnessed so far.

Doctors saw bodies with nail shrapnel, and removed them from the wounds of those who came into hospital. Several people and journalists collected nails from bomb sites and posted their photos on Facebook.

In the early days of the Israeli war, Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert told a press conference in Al-Shifa Hospital that he found effects of DIME weapons on the bodies of the Palestinian casualties.

“A good number of the injuries seen here are consistent with the use of dense inert metal explosives, or DIME, that we saw during the 2009 attack and also in 2006,” said Gilbert.

He continued: “The bodies are pretty much destroyed by the enormous energy released by the explosives that are shot near them or at them.”

As the Palestinian death toll in Gaza passed 600, the UN children’s agency Unicef reported that one third of them were children. Excluded in that figure were the numerous unborn children Israel has killed in the last three weeks.

Three pregnant mothers were among the 25 members of the Abu Jamaa family killed on 20 July, when Israeli forces struck a house near Khan Younis, with no warning. The dead included 18 children and five women. The family was eating iftar, the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast.

“Just as this family was being slaughtered, by an indisputable Israeli war crime, the US secretary of state John Kerry gave an interview in which he said, Israel’s attack on Gaza was an ‘appropriate and legitimate effort’ to defend itself,” reports Robin Beste for Stop The War Coalition. “A little earlier in the day, Kerry’s boss, President Obama, repeated his “strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself”.

Obama gave this latest endorsement to Israel to continue the massacre, “after speaking with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu earlier in the day”.

“Predictably, Netanyahu was soon all over the media crowing about US support for Israel’s indiscriminate bombardment of the most densely populated place on Earth, and announcing that Israel planned to intensify the carnage in Gaza over the coming days,” Beste reported.

“Britain’s prime minister David Cameron also spoke to Netanyahu a day earlier, to whom he repeated “our recognition of Israel’s right to take proportionate action to defend itself”, as he reported to Parliament on 21 July.

“Cameron didn’t say whether it was ‘proportionate’ to kill 200 children, or four boys playing football on a beach, or 25 family members as they sat down for a meal.

“Was it ‘proportionate to litter the streets of the Shujai’iya dictrict in Gaza City with dozens of bodies of mainly women and children, after it had been effectively carpet-bombed?” Beste asks. “Was it ‘proportionate’ to bomb hospitals and a home for the disabled?”

Mohammed Suliman for the Middles East Monitor’s story about his brother continued:

“My children were crying and we walked as fast as we could till we got to al-Shujayeh Square where ambulances picked us up.”

“When they got to al-Shifa hospital, Ahmed was reunited with the rest of his family. He saw his dead brother for only a short time as bodies were being piled on top of each other as new ambulances arrived.

“Hamada al-Ghafeer described his and his family’s survival as ‘a miracle.’

“As bombs fell down, he and his family hid under the stairs, broken glass showering over them.

“I prayed that I’d die before my kids and not live to see them torn and burnt in front of my eyes,” 39-year-old Hamad said.

“They were bent on obliterating all of al-Shujayeh. I can’t believe we outlived this massacre. It’s a miracle, a rebirth.”

Gaza’s death toll reached 631 on Tuesday: 161 chiledren, 66 women and 35 elderly men. The number of injured in Gaza reached 4010 on Tuesday: 1213 chiledren, 698 women and 161 elderly men.

A displaced mother from the Shejaiya neighborhood in the Gaza Strip cuddles her baby daughter at the UN school where she and others have taken refuge after fleeing heavy fighting in their area, on July 21, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Marco Longari)
Over 100,000 people in Gaza have fled to shelters established by the United Nations, but there is no more room in those for evacuees, according to Democracy Now! today.

“Unimaginably Catastrophic” was the Democracy Now! lead in its article, As Gaza’s Displaced Top 100,000, Israel Reportedly Shells U.N. School.

“The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees says the number of people seeking refuge at its sites in Gaza has soared to more than 100,000

“With the borders of Gaza sealed by the Israeli and Egyptian siege, no wonder the desperate response from its people — as Israel bombards the whole area by land, sea and air — is, where else is there for us to go?” Beste with Stop The War Coalition asks.

Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) doctors working in Al Shifa hospital in Gaza City reported “women and children comprised most of the wounded” arriving Sundaymorning. Audrey Landmann, MSF medical coordinator in Gaza, said Israel’s ground offensive has meant “indiscriminate” bombing, and noted that “those who die are civilians.”

“The shocking fact is that these dozens, hundreds, of personal horror stories are the result of deliberate decisions taken by the Israeli army,” Ben White reports for Middle East Monitor. “On the day of the attack, IDF officers boasted that they were ‘taking off the gloves.’ Even as the ground offensive got underway late Thursday, Israeli tanks had ‘received an order to open fire at anything that moved.’

Truthseekers, an email list that tends to lean to the right more often than not, sent an email Tuesday with some of the recent horrific photos emerging out of Gaza.

“Let’s remember that OUR tax $$ go to the Israeli war machine,” the email reads. “So, are churches all across the USA promoting or condemning mass murder? What would/ does Jesus say about this?
“Lame stream media will not show these images because it might take away from our attention to sports.
“Absolutely horrific pictures of the caged slaughter over the last day or so, pictures that the msm won’t show us. No need to look at all of them, but we need to address the reality. This is genocide, in our day, in our time. Soulless, senseless, unGodly genocide. And you and I have had money taken from our paychecks to finance this.”

I'm back from medical pursuits outside the NHS

I'm back in harness.  

The hospital was very efficient and we did all that was necessary in one day.  The other patients as usual had fascinating stories.  The nineteen year old who had a chest bacteria which conventional medicine couldn't resolve, and was impermeable to anti-biotics.  The patient had found their way to a hospital in Georgia where doctors are using phages to eat bacteria.  These had cured her in two days after months of serious illness.  This cure is not available anywhere inside the UK,  yet Russia  and former Soviets have been using it for decades - phages.

The other  patient that sticks in my mind was the about thirty year old with Lyme Disease, who was taking a high dose of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) intravenously.  Anti-biotics were helping to some extent, but after months had not cured him.  He had read about very high doses of Vitamin C (20,000 mg an hour) being able to throttle viruses, and prevent them breeding.  Some unconventional doctors are claiming they've cured Lyme Disease using this method.  It will be interesting to see how he gets on.

My own case is not so interesting.  I am being taught how to breathe less oxygen (Overbreathing), to stop me losing my Carbon Dioxide too quicky when under stress.  This (Overbreathing) creates an alkaline environment for the mitochondria, which then stop producing energy, and even less CO2.  It takes me far too long to recover from physical exertion as a result.  If I can master the techniques, I should get a full improvement and be able to do the things I want to do once again, and have struggled with all my life.  They only had the kit to measure these kind of things in the last few years.  The treatments are not available in the usual medical outlets within the NHS,  let alone a correct diagnosis.  I quit bothering with the NHS about ten years ago, and have found all kinds of ways of improving my health as a result.

Now then, what's been happening while I've been incommunicado?

Oh no.  The email virus is still pumping out virus emails to all my contacts.  Sorry about that.  I'll need to get a better virus checker.  Maybe the wife can sort it.  She's pretty handy with that sort of stuff.

Owen Paterson is running around complaining about being sacked by David Cameron.  He's had a very lucky escape in my opinion.  If he'd start talking to his constituents and find out what's going on all over his own backyard - viz .  a highly fired up anti-fracking campaign - and start helping us to stop the madness of drilling for gas where the geology is totally unsuitable, according to recent government research, he might just make it back in next may.  Otherwise I wouldn't rate his chances of re-election.

I notice Ian Crane is favourable towards Bez of The Reality Party. Maybe that's the next pathway for politics, with UKIP sold out to Murdoch, fracking and the other corporate agendas (Agenda21), as well the LibLabCon.  I'll start checking that out in the next few weeks.  The local fracking battle is hotting up with over 500 objections lodged against Dart Energy's planning application for Brooklands Farm, Dudleston, which is a mile from Owen Paterson's private residence.  

500!   You normally get about five objections maximum to a planning application in North Shropshire.  Can you imagine the coming battles if this all goes ahead.  The Council will surely at least delay the decision-making process, and work around the inevitable coming confrontation between thousands of distressed and angry residents and the local constabulary.  Somehow country life is never going to be the same again, whichever way this pans out. Trust in authority is already rating at zero.  The hatred of government and sold out politicians could not be greater.  

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Being treated all day for allergies acquired from being exposed to farm sprays as a child.
Back later.  Good comments coming in on Malaysia air disasters. See below posts.